Harald Jellum

Founder & CEO


Tel: +47† 915 43432


Everything is possible as long as
†you try hard enough...

-Are you an entrepreneur?
-Do you have a
good idea?
-Do you wonder h
ow to go forward with
† your idea?
-Do you need capital?
-Have you started a company, but canít
take it further?
Facing challenges with your sale?
Unforeseen challenges?
-You donít get
hold of the best resources..
-Are you going international?

-Are you going public?

The people behind the FounderFactory have started several companies both national and international. Raised more than $50 millions, employed over 300 people and been part of increase in value from $10.000 to $250 million at most. But have also been through tough fluctuations. It is this perceived experience we want to share with you.

want to share this experience with you. Donít hesitate to take contact us, it might be the little extra making the big difference!

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